Wednesday, 25 April 2012


My blog seems to somehow pre-empt what I'll be watching or be inspired by.  Strange but true. I already blogged this week about giving chilli an authentic Mexican twist with some chocolate, and only this morning I was once again oohing and aahing at Day of the Dead inspired cushions, textiles and chairs.  If  only I had the cash, I'd be be buying myself one of these babies.

I'm also lusting after this Kozyndan tea cup and saucer.  The Fabulous Baker Girl treated me to a framed copy of Uprisings by Kozyndan at Christmas and when I do get some cash, I'll be buying some more.

Then as if by magic and as if I needed any excuse to get in the kitchen, I received an absolutely beautiful gift from my gorgeous wee sis, which she got all the way from the U.S of A!  This amazing apron which even has a matching corsage for my hair!

Depicting the legend of the Mujer Dominadas, the warrior is holding her in his arms. The saying on the apron is 'Me equivoque' Contigo' (I made mistakes with you).

My sis has one with Our Lady of Guadalupe on it which is equally as gorgeous and has suggested that we wear them to our as yet, still to be booked, cooking course.  I'll keep you posted on that one!

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