Saturday, 21 April 2012


I can't believe it's been over a week since I last blogged!  J and I actually had a wee night out last Saturday - a long overdue catch up with good friends. We tucked into a delicious spaghetti with chicken and a creamy chilli sauce. 

I have been attempting to re-energise myself and do a bit of cooking.  On Tuesday I made a Mexican chilli with some cocoa powder in, another one of those must get round to trying dishes.  Turned out great.  A common misconception with chilli is that it's all about the heat but the recipe that I followed resulted in a mild yet flavourful dish to which the cocoa gave a fantastic deep colour.

There's lots of different recipes online, depending on whether you like yours with peppers, ground beef or kidney beans. Chilli is like curry, everyone has their own versions often unique to your household so don't be scared, dive in and create your own!

On Friday I met up with the Fabulous Baker Girl and we headed to Tchai Ovna for a blether, laughs, yogiyogi and Jasmine tea.  A wee hour or two with her is as refreshing as a weekend away so it is, just a pity I had to get back to get organised for Mammy's do.

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