Saturday, 21 April 2012


My wee Mammy and Daddy have just moved into a new house and we're now neighbours.  Annie decided to have one of her infamous 'girls nights'.  Consisting of a group of ten who have all been friends since I was a little girl, this menagerie get together at least every couple of months and Halloween in particular is a sight to be seen. They continue to amaze me every year with their amazing outfits!

Anyhoo, Mammy works hard so I offered to do the food.  As I knew it'd be a boozy night, starchy food was the way to go.  So I made them a pot of chicken risotto (recipe on blog), some pasta carbonara with garlic and rosemary focaccias, kimchee slaw, green salad and smorgastarta.

Smorgastarta is a Scandanavian celebratory sandwich cake.  It's said that these have even been offered as bribes to the police to solve cases, such is their reverence.  I've been longing to have a go so last night was the perfect opportunity.  I left it a wee bit late though so taste triumphed over design on this occasion. 

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