Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I felt really guilty that I didn't spoil my wee girl on her birthday this year and that I didn't even see her until late into the evening so on Sunday after managing to get two tickets to the sold out Example concert (which would have been punishable by death if I didn't) I decided we'd make a day of it.  As cash was still a bit tight and as I wanted to hold some back for tour merchandise,  I called and was happy to have my booking taken by someone who was obviously smiling at the other end of the phone and printed off my http://www.itison/ voucher for redemption.

 Under strict instruction from my twelve year old daughter not to embarrass her in public, I regret to say that I wasn't able to snap any pictures.  To be honest I think she was more concerned that I save the memory space for the concert!  Also the place was pretty packed at 2pm and I always feel a bit freakish taking photos in crowded restaurants.

While we were waiting for our starters we noshed on delicious dips, hummous, tsatziki and taramasalata served with warm pittas as recommended by the very friendly waitress.  The tomato stained lips of my daughter were testament to the tasty sauce her lamb meatballs were served in and my breaded scampi was crisp and juicy.

For mains I plumped for Afelia (pork marinated in white wine and coriander) which reminded me of a dish I made for friends many years ago and which I'll be attempting again.  The wee lady opted for the Stifado, a rich beef stew which fell apart in your mouth as did the pork.  Both dishes were accompanied by potatoes and rice, either one would have sufficed as the portions were extremely generous but it didn't stop us trying both.

Athena also scored bonus points for it's well made soda and lime.  This is a personal and continual bug bear of mine.  How hard is it to pour one? Not very! So why do so many places fail to do so?

Anyways, I digress.  Relaxed, friendly and with fab food.  Sounds a bit cliche, but Athena is all of these. Get yourself down there as soon as.

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